CWO5 David R. Gorton, USMC Ret.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Gorton retired 1 August 2004 after nearly 32 years of active duty.

CWO5 Gorton was born on 1 November 1952, in Provo Utah. During 1971, residing in Argentina while his parents were serving on a mission for the LDS church, he graduated High School with honors from the University of Nebraska, Extension Division. He entered the Marine Corps in March 1973 and attended recruit training in San Diego, CA graduating in the top ten percent and promoted meritoriously to PFC. Subsequently assigned to NAS Memphis, TN to await navigation screening. In October of 1973 PFC Gorton reported to NAS Pensacola, FL for navigation training. Graduating number one in his class he reported to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) at MCAS El Toro, CA in March 1974 where he served as a navigator in the KC-130 aircraft with VMGR-352. In November of 1974 Cpl Gorton was transferred to the 1st MAW in Okinawa, Japan for duty with VMGR-152. While at VMGR-152 he participated in numerous deployments including operation Frequent Wind in support of operations in Viet Nam. In December of 1975 Cpl Gorton was transferred to the 2nd MAW at MCAS Cherry Point, NC for duty as a navigator with VMGR-252. While at Cherry Point he was awarded the Marine Fixed Wing Aircrewman of the Year for 1977. In January 1978 Sgt Gorton transferred to the 4th MAW for duty with the MARTD at NAS Glenview, IL where he served as a KC-130 navigator, Operations Chief, Flight Duty Officer and Air Transportation Coordination Officer.

In February of 1980 SSgt Gorton was promoted to Warrant Officer. After completing the Warrant Officer Basic School in Quantico, VA, graduating in the top ten percent of his class, WO Gorton reported to 2nd MAW for duty as a Navigation Officer with VMGR-252. Completing two six-month Far East deployments, where he served as Adjutant and Unit Rep Officer, he was promoted to CWO2 in February 1982 and served as the Officer-In-Charge of Navigation and a Flight Duty Officer. In February of 1986 he was promoted to CWO3 and attended the Aircraft Maintenance Officer course at NAS Pensacola, FL. Subsequently assigned as the Flight Equipment Officer and the Quality Assurance Officer for VMGR-252. During June of 1987 CWO3 Gorton was transferred to VMGR-152 where he served as the Air Frames Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Flight Duty Officer and the OIC of Navigation. Promoted to CWO4 in February of 1990 and in November participated in operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm through January of 1991. In July of 1991 reassigned to VMGR-252 as the OIC of Navigation. In February of 1992 CWO4 Gorton attended the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor course at MCAS Yuma, AZ. In December of 1992 he was assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 40 as the TransLant Movement Control Officer in support of the movement of Marine Forces to Aviano, Italy for follow-on operations. During July 1994 he was called, once again, to serve on Okinawa with VMGR-152 as the Assistant Operations Officer. He completed the Command and Staff College Nonresident Program in January of 1995. Reassigned to the 1st MAW G-3 in February of 1995 as the Air Transportation Coordination Officer. During this tour CWO4 Gorton served with the III Marine Expeditionary Force Crisis Action Team as the KC-130 contingency planner for numerous real world operations throughout the Western Pacific. Also, serving as a member of the Air Defense Work Group for the Mutual Defense Board of the United States and the Republic of the Philippines.

In May of 2000 CWO4 Gorton was transferred to Randolph AFB, TX as Director of the Marine Aerial Navigation School. He was promoted to CWO5 in February of 2002 and has accumulated over 11,000 flight hours. On 30 July 2004 CWO5 Gorton deactivated the Marine Corps Aerial Navigation School and retired on 1 August 2004. His personal awards include the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal with Gold Star and Good Conduct Medal with Bronze Star. He currently resides with his wife Roselyn and son Chris in Schertz, TX.

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