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Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island


Latitude: 41.6638889, Longitude: -71.4225000


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Ethan Ray  14 Jan 1818Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I19183
2 GREENE, Benjamin  16 Feb 1703Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1850
3 GREENE, Catherine  18 Nov 1747Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I8285
4 GREENE, Christopher Albert  27 Jun 1816Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I19194
5 GREENE, Cornelia Mott  23 Sep 1779Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1902
6 GREENE, Franklin Jr.  22 Apr 1807Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I19154
7 GREENE, Jacob  18 Mar 1740Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1859
8 GREENE, Dr. James  24 Apr 1701Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1849
9 GREENE, John  30 Sep 1685Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1771
10 GREENE, John Frank  6 Jan 1855Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I59630
11 GREENE, Margaret  28 Apr 1740Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I8284
12 GREENE, Mary  18 Dec 1718Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I8268
13 GREENE, Mary  1 Dec 1737Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I8283
14 GREENE, Nathanael  4 Nov 1707Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1852
15 GREENE, Richard  4 Oct 1725Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I11586
16 GREENE, Susannah  30 Jun 1699Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1848
17 LITTLEFIELD, Edward Brinley  1 Feb 1785Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I13763


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Samuel Ward  1815Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I19175
2 FLAGG, Jane  6 Apr 1782Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I11935
3 GREENE, Christopher  22 Dec 1830Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1864
4 GREENE, Elihu  1 Aug 1827Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1863
5 GREENE, James  27 Apr 1698Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1756
6 GREENE, Jeremiah  17 Apr 1758Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1820
7 GREENE, John  8 Dec 1757Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1819
8 GREENE, Mary  16 Oct 1801Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I13729
9 GREENE, Nathanael  16 Nov 1770Potowamut, Kent, Rhode Island I1852