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Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho


Latitude: 42.2272200, Longitude: -111.4002800


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED, Caroline Beulah  Abt 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I131
2 BIRD, Geneal  28 Jun 1913Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I128
3 BIRD, Walter  14 Sep 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I125
4 FRANK, Herman B.  Abt 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I100
5 GARDNER, Myrtle Isabelle  11 Mar 1890Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I29
6 HARRIS, John Walter  Abt 1873Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I260
7 HAYES, Rilla  Abt 1885Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I112
8 HORSLEY, Laura Mae  9 May 1873Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I10933
9 HUMBURG, Albert Edward  13 Oct 1880Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I94
10 HUMBURG, Ann Elizabeth  20 Aug 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I101
11 HUMBURG, Emma Jane  28 Aug 1882Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I99
12 HUMBURG, Reuben Riley  25 Aug 1886Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I103
13 HYMAS, Orson W.  Abt 1882Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I98
14 KIMBALL, Frances Grace  Abt 1868Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I134
15 LUDLUM, Millie Mary  5 Nov 1888Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I114
16 LUDLUM, Sarah Ellen  3 Jun 1891Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I126
17 OAKEY, David Wilford  10 Jul 1885Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I181
18 OAKEY, Edward William  25 Jan 1868Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I197
19 OAKEY, Edwin Arthur  30 Oct 1877Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I177
20 OAKEY, George Lewis  20 Aug 1870Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I198
21 OAKEY, Heber Joseph  3 May 1866Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I196
22 OAKEY, Hyrum James  15 Jun 1883Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I180
23 OAKEY, John Herbert  1 Feb 1871Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I174
24 OAKEY, Joseph Heber  21 Jun 1875Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I176
25 OAKEY, Mary Ann  11 Oct 1878Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I178
26 OAKEY, Reuben George  5 Jul 1873Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I175
27 OAKEY, Rhoda Jane  25 Oct 1868Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I173
28 OAKEY, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Feb 1881Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I179
29 OAKEY, William Thomas  7 Sep 1866Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I172
30 PEERY, Dewitte George  Abt 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I102
31 RINGLE, Jennette  Abt 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I132
32 SMITH, Edith Elaine  Abt 1885Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I111
33 STERRETT, Ada May  25 Nov 1873Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I1299
34 STERRETT, Joseph Kimball  20 Sep 1868Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I133
35 STERRETT, Simeon Ralph  1 Mar 1870Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I88
36 STERRETT, Thomas Alexander  9 Feb 1872Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I135
37 STUCKI, Bruce  Abt 1926Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I123
38 STUCKI, Don William  Abt 1916Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I119
39 STUCKI, Gail  12 Feb 1914Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I118
40 STUCKI, John U  Abt 1908Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I115
41 STUCKI, Josephine  Abt 1924Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I122
42 STUCKI, Keith Ludlum  Abt 1918Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I120
43 STUCKI, Millie Marie  Abt 1912Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I117
44 STUCKI, Vivian  15 Sep 1922Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I121
45 STUCKI, Wayne Bedford  Abt 1910Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I116
46 STUCKI, William Butler  21 Aug 1880Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I113


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 OAKEY, Mary Ann  1 Nov 1878Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I178


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COLLETT, Ann  14 Apr 1892Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I142
2 LUDLUM, Sarah Ellen  21 Jun 1944Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I126
3 LUDLUM, Stephen Bedford  31 Oct 1935Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I106
4 OAKEY, Charles  16 May 1903Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I168
5 OAKEY, Elthurah Roseltha  10 Dec 1944Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I171
6 OAKEY, Heber Thomas  10 May 1920Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I193
7 OAKEY, Thomas Jr.  15 Apr 1890Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I141
8 OAKEY, William Thomas  23 Mar 1941Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I172
9 PASSEY, Mary Ann  12 Jan 1925Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I169
10 STUCKI, William Butler  19 Feb 1963Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I113


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BIRD, Walter  Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I125
2 LUDLUM, Sarah Ellen  25 Jun 1944Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I126
3 LUDLUM, Stephen Bedford  3 Nov 1935Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I106
4 OAKEY, Charles Lorenzo  28 Sep 1903Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I170
5 OAKEY, Elthurah Roseltha  14 Dec 1944Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I171
6 OAKEY, Mary Ann  5 Mar 1962Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I178
7 OAKEY, Sarah Ann  5 Jul 1947Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I91
8 OAKEY, Thomas Jr.  18 Apr 1890Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I141
9 OAKEY, William Thomas  26 Mar 1941Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I172
10 STUCKI, William Butler  22 Feb 1963Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho I113


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIRD / ALLRED  15 May 1946Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F71
2 BIRD / RINGLE  Jun 1958Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F72
3 FRANK / HUMBURG  16 Aug 1905Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F60
4 GORTON / GARDNER  24 Jun 1912Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F27
5 HUMBURG / HAYES  Abt 1905Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F63
6 HUMBURG / SMITH  5 Apr 1906Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F62
7 HYMAS / HUMBURG  4 Apr 1901Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F59
8 LUDLUM / OAKEY  24 Dec 1887Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F55
9 OAKEY / SMITH  Aug 1865Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F93
10 PEERY / HUMBURG  19 Dec 1916Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F61
11 STERRETT / CHRISTOFFERSON  Abt 1887Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F74
12 STERRETT / KIMBALL  Abt 1884Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho F73