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Norwich, New London, Connecticut


Latitude: 41.5241694, Longitude: -72.0763889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, General Benedict V  14 Jan 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13230
2 BROWN, Charles Benjamin Jr.  1 Oct 1770Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12801
3 GORTON, Benjamin  28 May 1758Norwich, New London, Connecticut I11668
4 GORTON, Dudley Ladd  4 Sep 1830Norwich, New London, Connecticut I28664
5 GORTON, Frederick Henry  18 Nov 1849Norwich, New London, Connecticut I28675
6 GORTON, Harold Edward  26 Jan 1934Norwich, New London, Connecticut I41418
7 GORTON, Harold Reynolds  16 Jul 1902Norwich, New London, Connecticut I39931
8 GORTON, Jedediah  15 Jan 1788Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13419
9 GORTON, John  13 Feb 1790Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13421
10 GORTON, Joseph  14 Apr 1780Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13415
11 GORTON, Levi  12 Jan 1814Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17795
12 GORTON, Mercy  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10743
13 GORTON, Samuel  21 Sep 1815Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17796
14 GORTON, Sarah  5 May 1739Norwich, New London, Connecticut I11657
15 GORTON, William  27 Mar 1817Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17797
16 GREENE, Ann Eliza  10 Dec 1818Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23321
17 GREENE, Anna Lloyd  5 Jan 1829Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53507
18 GREENE, Augusta Borland  4 Sep 1855Norwich, New London, Connecticut I59548
19 GREENE, Augusta Elizabeth  6 Apr 1834Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57049
20 GREENE, Benjamin Daniel  26 Jul 1836Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57051
21 GREENE, Benjamin Tompkins  6 Apr 1857Norwich, New London, Connecticut I59549
22 GREENE, Charles Winston  3 Jul 1783Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53438
23 GREENE, David Ireland  3 Jan 1783Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53436
24 GREENE, Honorable Gardiner Jr.  31 Aug 1851Norwich, New London, Connecticut I59508
25 GREENE, Colonel Henry Martyn  14 Oct 1833Norwich, New London, Connecticut I58962
26 GREENE, James Lloyd  17 Jan 1827Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57045
27 GREENE, Leonard Vassal  22 Dec 1857Norwich, New London, Connecticut I59510
28 GREENE, William Parkinson  25 Mar 1831Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57047
29 GREENE, William Wilberforce  2 Mar 1835Norwich, New London, Connecticut I58964
30 HOVEY, Lewis  1830Norwich, New London, Connecticut I24569
31 HUNTINGTON, Amey  9 Apr 1779Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13400
32 HUNTINGTON, Benjamin  14 May 1787Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13409
33 HUNTINGTON, Charlotte  16 Nov 1791Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13413
34 HUNTINGTON, Ebenezer  May 1692Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52657
35 HUNTINGTON, James  18 May 1680Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13394
36 HUNTINGTON, James Jr.  2 Feb 1706Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13392
37 HUNTINGTON, James  19 Apr 1789Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13411
38 HUNTINGTON, Jared  20 Jan 1740Norwich, New London, Connecticut I11664
39 HUNTINGTON, Jared Jr.  31 Jan 1783Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13404
40 HUNTINGTON, General Jedediah  4 Aug 1743Norwich, New London, Connecticut I25330
41 HUNTINGTON, Deacon Joseph  Sep 1661Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52649
42 HUNTINGTON, Joseph  3 Jun 1785Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13406
43 HUNTINGTON, Lura  24 Jul 1777Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13398
44 HUNTINGTON, Nathaniel  1 Sep 1691Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52652
45 HUNTINGTON, Lieutenant Samuel  1 Mar 1665Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52609
46 HUNTINGTON, Sarah  28 Apr 1718Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52656
47 HUNTINGTON, Wealthy  22 Feb 1781Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13402
48 JOHNSON, Captain Samuel  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I21860
49 LATHROP, Elias  28 Oct 1732Norwich, New London, Connecticut I11660
50 LATHROP, Joshua  8 May 1723Norwich, New London, Connecticut I61439

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Benedict IV  1761Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13228
2 BERRY, Gorton  29 Sep 1896Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12887
3 BORLAND, Augusta Elizabeth  21 Jun 1861Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53506
4 ELY, General William Grosvenor  13 Nov 1908Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57050
5 GORTON, Archibald  1821Norwich, New London, Connecticut I18173
6 GORTON, Benjamin F.  4 Sep 1845Norwich, New London, Connecticut I28668
7 GORTON, Joseph Jr.  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I15718
8 GREENE, Benjamin Daniel  13 Dec 1866Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57051
9 GREENE, Gardiner  30 Oct 1895Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57042
10 GREENE, Margaret Vassall Borland  May 1825Norwich, New London, Connecticut I57041
11 GREENE, William Parkinson  18 Jun 1864Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53505
12 HOWLAND, Susan  1852Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4384
13 HUNTINGTON, Deacon Simon  28 Jun 1706Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52610
14 LATHROP, Judge Samuel  28 Feb 1700Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13354
15 LATHROP, Thomas  28 Dec 1817Norwich, New London, Connecticut I61435
16 MASON, Major John  1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut I53685
17 SMITH, Rev. Nehemiah  1686Norwich, New London, Connecticut I52253


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARNOLD / WATERMAN  8 Nov 1733Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6535
2 GORTON / FISK  8 Oct 1897Norwich, New London, Connecticut F15337
3 HUNTINGTON / ADGATE  28 Nov 1687Norwich, New London, Connecticut F21560
4 HUNTINGTON / CLARKE  29 Oct 1686Norwich, New London, Connecticut F21538
5 LATHROP / PERIT  20 Sep 1809Norwich, New London, Connecticut F24965
6 LEFFINGWELL / GORTON  6 Feb 1740Norwich, New London, Connecticut F5379