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Brookfield, Madison, New York


Latitude: 42.8127806, Longitude: -75.3180611


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALHOUN, Margaret H.  12 Nov 1923Brookfield, Madison, New York I49885
2 GORTON, Daniel  25 Nov 1831Brookfield, Madison, New York I28146
3 GORTON, Daniel Palmer  22 Aug 1811Brookfield, Madison, New York I17993
4 GORTON, Jenkins Wait  28 Jul 1844Brookfield, Madison, New York I28158
5 GORTON, Lydia  3 Aug 1809Brookfield, Madison, New York I18026
6 GORTON, Richard Boone  7 Sep 1819Brookfield, Madison, New York I28084
7 GORTON, Sarah  1 May 1809Brookfield, Madison, New York I17992
8 GORTON, Thomas Eugene  6 Mar 1853Brookfield, Madison, New York I28207
9 GORTON, William L.  6 Sep 1844Brookfield, Madison, New York I28198
10 JENNINGS, Frances  10 Apr 1906Brookfield, Madison, New York I45245
11 JENNINGS, Harley Norman  25 Dec 1881Brookfield, Madison, New York I35266
12 JENNINGS, Homer  10 Aug 1908Brookfield, Madison, New York I45247
13 JENNINGS, Katherine Jean  7 Jun 1913Brookfield, Madison, New York I45253
14 JENNINGS, Lynn Charles  3 Jul 1915Brookfield, Madison, New York I45259
15 JENNINGS, Marguerite  14 Mar 1902Brookfield, Madison, New York I38719
16 JENNINGS, Marion Paul  21 Oct 1910Brookfield, Madison, New York I45249
17 JENNINGS, Maryette Irene  31 Aug 1900Brookfield, Madison, New York I38718
18 JENNINGS, William Claire  4 Nov 1903Brookfield, Madison, New York I45241
19 MINER, Marenus Willet  9 Jan 1804Brookfield, Madison, New York I18057
20 ROGERS, Deborah  1 Mar 1802Brookfield, Madison, New York I15915
21 SMITH, Charles L.  19 Sep 1897Brookfield, Madison, New York I45280
22 THOMAS, Eunice M.  28 Jun 1834Brookfield, Madison, New York I28184
23 WITTER, Orrin Eugene  25 Dec 1841Brookfield, Madison, New York I28239


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CRAFT, Betsey  15 Nov 1882Brookfield, Madison, New York I17983
2 GORTON, Darius  29 Dec 1901Brookfield, Madison, New York I18011
3 GORTON, Captain Samuel  20 Mar 1834Brookfield, Madison, New York I1590
4 GORTON, Stephen M.  13 Feb 1845Brookfield, Madison, New York I10877
5 GORTON, Thomas Rogers  8 Apr 1886Brookfield, Madison, New York I18022
6 GORTON, Valentine  22 Dec 1844Brookfield, Madison, New York I17977
7 PALMER, Mercy  20 Feb 1832Brookfield, Madison, New York I10879


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GORTON / GREENE  1835Brookfield, Madison, New York F8602