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Latitude: 56.0000000, Longitude: -4.0000000


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Isabelle  1675Scotland I47377
2 ALEXANDER, James  1691Scotland I38349
3 COLVILLE, Catherine  1405Scotland I61768
4 DE KEITH, Margaret Countess  1320Scotland I61778
5 DOUGLAS, Ann  1637Scotland I36724
6 DOUGLAS, Archibald 3rd Earl of Douglas  1328Scotland I29803
7 DOUGLAS, Archibald 4th Earl of Douglas  1372Scotland I29801
8 DOUGLAS, Archibald 5th Earl of Douglas  1390Scotland I29804
9 DOUGLAS, James  Bef 1300Scotland I29835
10 DOUGLAS, John  Abt 1320Scotland I29823
11 DOUGLAS, Robert  1588Scotland I36719
12 DOUGLAS, Robert  1639Scotland I12736
13 DOUGLAS, William  Abt 1250Scotland I29846
14 DOUGLAS, Deacon William  9 Aug 1610Scotland I52223
15 DRUMMOND, Sir John 11th Thegn of Lennox  Abt 1325Scotland I9362
16 DRUMMOND, Sir Malcolm 10th Thegn of Lennox  Abt 1300Scotland I9364
17 FITZGILBERT, Walter of Cadzow  1274Scotland I9443
18 FITZWALTER, Avelina  Abt 1179Scotland I29885
19 FITZWILLIAM, Gilbert of Hameldone  Abt 1220Scotland I9446
20 HUNTER, Archibald  Scotland I38546
21 JOHNSTON, James  26 Feb 1808Scotland I61095
22 KERR, Baron Andrew  1471Scotland I61756
23 KERR, Thomas  1448Scotland I61757
24 KING OF SCOTLAND, David I  1083Scotland I4343
25 KING OF SCOTLAND, Malcolm III  1031Scotland I4342
26 MONTIFEX, Mary  Abt 1330Scotland I9363
27 OF MORAY, Dunegal  Abt 1190Scotland I29883
28 OF MORAY, Thomas  Abt 1247Scotland I29862
29 OF SCOTLAND, Ada  1164Scotland I9414
30 OF SCOTLAND, Henry 3rd Earl of Huntingdon  1114Scotland I4469
31 OMAN, Henry  Scotland I19373
32 RANDOLPH, Isobel  Abt 1320Scotland I29822
33 RANDOLPH, Thomas  Abt 1266Scotland I29850
34 RANDOLPH, Thomas  Abt 1288Scotland I29836
35 STEDMAN, Lt. John  Scotland I59978
36 STERRETT, Benjamin  1670Scotland I47376
37 STERRETT, Samuel Jackson  1708Scotland I47374
38 STEWART, Margaret  Abt 1206Scotland I29886
39 STEWART, Walter 3rd High Steward of Scotland  Abt 1180Scotland I9381


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON, Maud  23 Apr 1130Scotland I4487
2 CRICHTON, Agnes  1543Scotland I61806
3 DE MORAVIA, Robert 6th Earl of Sutherland  1427Scotland I61405
4 DOUGLAS, James  Apr 1323Scotland I29835
5 DOUGLAS, Sir James of Dalkeith  1420Scotland I29797
6 DOUGLAS, John  Abt 1350Scotland I29823
7 DOUGLAS, William  8 Jan 1494Scotland I61767
8 DUNBAR, Agnes  Oct 1378Scotland I29798
9 DURWARD, Alan  1275Scotland I10079
10 EARL OF LOTHIAN, Gospatric III  1166Scotland I9411
11 FORBES, James  30 Sep 1460Scotland I11071
12 FORBES, William  1 Apr 1614Scotland I11083
13 GIFFARD, Lady Joanna  Jan 1401Scotland I61780
14 HAY, Alice  1451Scotland I61774
15 LESLIE, Batholomew  1121Scotland I61409
16 MURE, Elizabeth  Bef May 1355Scotland I9371
17 MURRAY, Sir William  10 Feb 1525Scotland I61391
18 OF SCOTLAND, Henry 3rd Earl of Huntingdon  12 Jun 1152Scotland I4469
19 PRINCESS OF SCOTLAND, Mary  1458Scotland I9476
20 STEWART, Agnes of Lorn  Scotland I61782
21 STRACHEN, Elizabeth  Scotland I11084
22 SUTHERLAND, Alexander  1456Scotland I61401


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KING OF SCOTLAND / DRUMMOND  13 Mar 1365Scotland F1826
2 STERRETT /   Abt 1700Scotland F19730