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Rochester, Monroe, New York


Latitude: 43.1547194, Longitude: -77.6158306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLIE, James Michael   I47277
2 ALLIE, John Harold   I47276
3 ALLIE, Mary Kay   I47275
4 BRANDOW, Donald George  4 Dec 1941Rochester, Monroe, New York I46115
5 BRANDOW, Gina Marie   I46118
6 CAMNITZ, Kelvin   I43815
7 CLOSSER, Vernon Jr.  Rochester, Monroe, New York I49352
8 CORNISH, Nancy Anne  7 Mar 1939Rochester, Monroe, New York I46102
9 COX, Phillip   I46120
10 DRIVER, William Davis  13 Mar 1949Rochester, Monroe, New York I47651
11 ELY, William Smith Jr.  18 Nov 1895Rochester, Monroe, New York I60740
12 GILLETTE, Ann Lee  10 Dec 1938Rochester, Monroe, New York I47666
13 GILLETTE, James Gorton  9 Jun 1941Rochester, Monroe, New York I47667
14 GILLETTE, James Gorton II   I47674
15 GORTON, Barbara   I49369
16 GORTON, David Fahy   I46105
17 GORTON, Deborah Ruth   I46136
18 GORTON, Denise Amy   I46094
19 GORTON, Donna Kay  26 Jul 1941Rochester, Monroe, New York I46114
20 GORTON, Elisha Beckwith  9 Nov 1836Rochester, Monroe, New York I25277
21 GORTON, Harry  Rochester, Monroe, New York I38648
22 GORTON, John Michael   I46093
23 GORTON, Kathleen Michelle   I46106
24 GORTON, Lynn Jesse  24 Feb 1949Rochester, Monroe, New York I46124
25 GORTON, Nancy   I49368
26 GORTON, Richard James   I51119
27 GORTON, Steward  16 Jul 1806Rochester, Monroe, New York I10860
28 GORTON, Thomas Benjamin  5 Dec 1832Rochester, Monroe, New York I39704
29 GORTON, Tina Ann   I46111
30 GRAHAM, Douglas Jennings  20 Jan 1933Rochester, Monroe, New York I49824
31 HYATT, Andrea M.   I46084
32 HYATT, Karen S.   I46082
33 HYATT, Mark T.   I46083
34 HYATT, Michael D.   I46081
35 KEMP, Alfred H.  10 Apr 1949Rochester, Monroe, New York I46090
36 KEMP, Alfred Henry Jr.  2 Mar 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York I40843
37 LOUK, Benton Willilam  5 Apr 1891Rochester, Monroe, New York I37561
38 MACNEAL, Ronald David  7 Apr 1932Rochester, Monroe, New York I46154
39 MACNEAL, Ronald David Jr.   I51110
40 MCALLISTER, Constance  30 May 1929Rochester, Monroe, New York I40073
41 RADCLIFFE, James Francis  13 Dec 1880Rochester, Monroe, New York I61512
42 RADCLIFFE, Otis Richmond  16 Feb 1882Rochester, Monroe, New York I61513
43 RADCLIFFE, Ruth Allen  3 Mar 1879Rochester, Monroe, New York I61511
44 REMINGTON, Ezra Potter  28 May 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York I39074
45 REMINGTON, Frederick  25 Dec 1894Rochester, Monroe, New York I39075
46 REMINGTON, Harriet  31 Jul 1898Rochester, Monroe, New York I39071
47 REMINGTON, Harvey F.  25 Jun 1895Rochester, Monroe, New York I39069
48 REMINGTON, John W.  10 Jan 1897Rochester, Monroe, New York I39070
49 SMITH, Jeannette  20 Feb 1929Rochester, Monroe, New York I47649
50 SOKOL, Christina   I47671

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUSH, James Smith  1889Rochester, Monroe, New York I4462
2 CHEESEBROUGH, Emma Clementine  1896Rochester, Monroe, New York I36982
3 EMERSON, Jaazaniah  27 Jun 1871Rochester, Monroe, New York I15911
4 GORTON, Francis  1 Jun 1882Rochester, Monroe, New York I14517
5 GORTON, Howard Benson  1959Rochester, Monroe, New York I36286
6 GORTON, John  27 Aug 1875Rochester, Monroe, New York I15855
7 GORTON, John  2 Dec 1878Rochester, Monroe, New York I25271
8 GORTON, Stephen  1859Rochester, Monroe, New York I32899
9 LOUK, Leland E.  7 Mar 1898Rochester, Monroe, New York I32947
10 SANFORD, Amanda  Sep 1861Rochester, Monroe, New York I25270


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVIS / GORTON  23 Sep 1867Rochester, Monroe, New York F11486
2 RADCLIFFE / GREENE  3 Apr 1877Rochester, Monroe, New York F24593
3 RUBY / GOFF  6 Apr 1871Rochester, Monroe, New York F15411