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Neversink, Sullivan, New York


Latitude: 41.8472194, Longitude: -74.6194389


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROSS, Jacob  Neversink, Sullivan, New York I37961
2 GORTON, Alonzo A.  7 Jun 1859Neversink, Sullivan, New York I33862
3 GORTON, George  30 Sep 1830Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26171
4 GORTON, Hiram  11 Sep 1848Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26237
5 GORTON, James Davenport  27 Nov 1824Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26253
6 GORTON, John Collins  1813Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16181
7 GORTON, Joseph Furman  16 Jan 1825Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26130
8 GORTON, Mary Schriver  15 Mar 1828Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26281
9 GORTON, Nathan  1810Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16179
10 GORTON, Nelson  1808Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16177
11 GORTON, Phebe  5 Aug 1811Neversink, Sullivan, New York I9100
12 GORTON, Sarah  19 Mar 1794Neversink, Sullivan, New York I12910
13 GORTON, Wanton  1806Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16175
14 GORTON, William  14 Jul 1832Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26257
15 KORTRIGHT, Henry  27 Nov 1860Neversink, Sullivan, New York I26963
16 MISNER, Abigail  31 Jan 1813Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16210
17 MISNER, Adeline  21 Apr 1826Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16221
18 MISNER, Charles T.  1 Feb 1824Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16219
19 MISNER, Elan  25 Dec 1821Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16217
20 MISNER, Elizabeth Minerva  28 Dec 1833Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16227
21 MISNER, Gabriel  5 Jun 1828Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16223
22 MISNER, Julia A.  5 Jan 1816Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16212
23 MISNER, Maria  30 Nov 1810Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16208
24 MISNER, Oliver H. P.  21 May 1818Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16214
25 MISNER, Phebe H.  9 Nov 1831Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16225
26 MISNER, William  1 Jun 1820Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16216


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GORTON, Phebe  23 Jan 1839Neversink, Sullivan, New York I12828
2 GORTON, William III  29 Oct 1827Neversink, Sullivan, New York I9099
3 GORTON, William Jr.  1834Neversink, Sullivan, New York I9098
4 MISNER, Elan  25 Mar 1895Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16217
5 MISNER, Henry  20 Jan 1874Neversink, Sullivan, New York I12829
6 MISNER, William  Nov 1822Neversink, Sullivan, New York I16216


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GORTON / DAVENPORT  1823Neversink, Sullivan, New York F7790